Ryan Garcia insists he is not a ‘cheater’

Controversial boxer Ryan Garcia insisted that he is “not a cheater” amid reports that hus B samples have both come back positive.

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Garcia denies being a ‘cheater’

Garcia scored a victory over defending champion Devin Haney after knocking him down three times.

However, Garcia’s VADA tests, both before and during his fight with Devin Haney, tested positive for Ostarine.

The 26-year-old Garcia said he felt “hurt and damaged” by all the doping accusations.

Even after his B-sample results also returned positive, Garcia maintained his innocence.

“I feel hurt and damaged by the accusations that are put on me. I know for a fact that I am not a cheater,” Garcia said on DAZN.

“I’ve never been a cheater. I’ve put in so much work my whole life, and one of my greatest victories has a little bit of an asterisk because of a lie. I’m genuinely hurt. I cry at night sometimes just knowing that they are trying to taint my victory.”

Garcia also wants his flowers for beating Haney, despite the odds favoring against him.

“We’re letting literal cheaters like steroids poster boy Victor Conte convict me of cheating. And he’s the one who shaped VADA. Why are we listening to this guy? That smells like funny business to me … I know Devin Haney was the poster child for being the next Floyd Mayweather but I debunked that. How about you just give me my credit?”