Manny Pacquiao – The people’s champion 

Manny Pacquiao is undoubtedly the biggest name in the history of Philippine boxing. His records were unmatched and unparalleled for the succeeding years to come. 

Over the course of his career, he had different nicknames as he stepped on to the ring.  

From his reckless aggression of The Destroyer, to the calculated and clockwork fighting of PacMan, up to his domination of a single nation with the Mexicutioner, Pacquiao earned it all as he collected wins and titles along the way. 

However, there’s one moniker that endeared him to the country: The People’s Champion. 

There’s no doubt that Pacquiao made a great impact whenever he fights, where the country becomes peaceful as the Filipino people were glued to his exploits on the canvas. 

But the biggest impact was his life story, where he persevered through numerous times and tests along the way to become the PacMan that every aspiring boxer has wished for. Which is why he made it a point to pay it back with his philanthropy and other charity work, even as a public servant.