Manny Pacquiao’s favorite food 

Like any other athlete in the world, Manny Pacquiao takes his diet seriously, as the sport of boxing demands more than just its punching power. 

The Filipino legend loves his own cuisine, as it became one of the underrated secrets to his great success on and off the canvas, as it can be vouched with his longstanding bond with Nonoy Neri, one of his entrusted deputies who oversees the kitchen. 

Also, his former strength and conditioning mentor Justin Fortune adds that he had an insane metabolism, as his regimen requires him to have a 7,000 calorie intake per day. 

One thing’s for sure: Pacquiao is not a picky eater for a start. Whatever he sees on the table, he will have a full plate to eat on it. 

For the basics, it all starts with a cup of white rice. That steaming freshly cooked “sinaing” straight out of the pot. Without that, the Filipino food will never be complete with this key carb. Even Manny knows that. 

Next is his meals, or “ulam” as we call in Filipino, to complement the rice. And with that, he has a wide array of soups and stews such as tinolang manok, Chicken adobo, beef tapa, and of course, his favorite Bulalo, which is made from bone marrow. These provide the proteins and other essential vitamins to his body for his rigorous workout, day in and day out. 

After chomping on his usual stuff, he has a set of fruits and vegetables, alongside warm milk and protein shake, just for good measure. 

Simply put, Manny Pacquiao does not have a special diet to follow, with his commitment to his craft and self-discipline became a vital key to his greatness.