Manny Pacquiao Heads to Japan for Charity

Manny Pacquiao heads to Japan for charity. The Filipino boxing legend had special visit to Japan on May 22 to participate a charity event organized by Iwafune Sports Park Soccer Station in Tochigi. Manny Pacquiao invited his friend in Japan through video on Facebook. Furthermore, to be able to join the ranks of charity, this event has three routes, such as; three kilometers, five kilometers and ten kilometers. Pacquiao participated in the five kilometers marathon.

It’s actually Pacquiao’s public appearance since participating in this year’s presidential election. According to a partial tally, he placed third with more than 3.6 million votes.

Based on ABS-CBN as the Philippine’s broadcast, Pacquiao has raised funds to help some homeless people in The Philippines.

According to its official website, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation helps underprivileged people. The main goal of this foundation is to help people around the world, build houses, support the young generation and also provide COVID-19 related stuff. FYI, Manny Pacquiao foundation has built more than 300 houses in three different locations in the Philippines.

Although Pacquiao couldn’t win the presidential election, he still did charity and help the community. He is a dedicated contributor to help people.