Getting the bag: Ten wealthiest boxers by net worth

Professional boxing is known to be one of the most lucrative things in the world of sport. But even with the riches that it gives, it is a high risk-high reward where in even the slimmest of slip ups can be a matter of life and death, in and out of the ring. 

With that, these prizefighters must put in their own work to live up to their profession, in which because it is a job that pays on an irregular basis, they have to open up multiple income streams. Not only they can score more cash on endorsements and other business ventures, but they are also looking for life beyond the ring. 

In this article, we list ten of the wealthiest boxers in ascending order of net worth

Vitali Klitchsko and Anthony Joshua – $80 million each 

Mayor Ironfist and AJ have identical net worth despite not fighting against each other. But the thing here for heavyweights is that they are not the uber-wealthiest boxers despite the glamor and prestige to it. 

Apart from taking money in the ring, both Vitali and Joshua are also into their off-ring endeavors with the form of venture capitals for the former and marketing promotions with the latter. AJ takes it up a notch as he was a marketing magnate with corporations took him on their endorsement wings, as well as paying it back and forward not just for his family, but for his community. 

Wladimir Klitschko – $90 million

Dr. Steelhammer has made the most of his prizefights in adopted Germany, and apart from that he had fought both in Vegas and at the Garden in Manhattan.  

Outside, Wladimir teamed up with Vitali on their venture capital firms. 

Sugar Ray Leonard – $120 million 

The flashy man in the Four Kings era was the first to earn nine-figures in boxing, but he nearly lost it owing to his battles with drugs and alcohol.

It took a messy divorce to straighten him up, and has supplanted his savings and recouped it by way of his motivational speaking and appearances on the commentary booth, as he inspired lives further.

Lennox Lewis – $150 million 

The last Undisputed World Heavyweight champion has various ventures outside of the ring since he retired in 2004.

Most of his time in his retirement were on philantrophy as well as some bit roles in the media industry, as well as once being part on HBO’s Boxing After Dark. 

Saul Alvarez – $180 million

He was one of the sure-fire moneymakers in the ring. But Canelo knows that boxing is not forever, which is why he had extensive ventures from real estate, to convenience and retail stores.

And as such, he had prepared himself to retire after five more years in the squared circle. 

Oscar Dela Hoya – $200 million 

The Golden Boy showed his multi-tasking skills to the hilt, in which he launched his own promotional firm on his own name while actively fighting, as well as owning the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer. 

That matinee charm proved to be a hit, in which he recorded a platinum-certified and Grammy-nominated album as well as launching men’s active wear.

Manny Pacquiao – $220 million 

PacMan himself took the multiple hats to the extreme. How’s that possible? By being into public service, as well as multiple endorsements and being a showbiz celebrity, and even played professional hoops and founded the MPBL.

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George Foreman – $ 300 million 

He only earned just $80 million from boxing, but his biggest source of income came at the home kitchen, with his name adorns those lean, mean fat-reducing grilling machines in which it drips out all the bad grease when you want to cook those burgers. Some said that he had earned more than twice of his in-ring earnings. 

Floyd Mayweather – $560 million 

Pretty Boy Floyd made sure he was the wealthiest boxer of all time, and he let the world know that he was called Money. And he was even shameless in flexing his financial prowess with The Money Team. 

Long retired from active prizefighting, he had earned the greatest number of fight night revenues ranging from gate receipts, PPVs and merchandising. His income even grew since, in which he is not scared to invest from anything, ranging from strip clubs, to roller discos and even owning a NASCAR team.