‘Disappointed’ Pacquiao accepts Olympics dreams over

A “saddened and disappointed” Manny Pacquiao accepted that he would not fulfill his dreams of representing the country in the Paris Olympics.

Pacquiao accepts IOC’s decision

This is after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) denied the eight-division world champion’s special request to compete in the Olympiad.

Pacquiao, who hung up his gloves in 2021, said he respected the IOC’s decision.

The maximum age allowed in the Olympics is 40 years old, and Pacquiao is already 45 years old.

“I respect the decision of the IOC regarding my request to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics,” Pacquiao said in his statement.

“While I am very saddened and disappointed, I understand and accept the age limit rules.”

The Philippine Olympic Committee asked the IOC to make Pacquiao eligible to enter the Olympics through the “universality” rule.

However, the IOC also did not grant the Philippines’ request.

“Nevertheless, I will continue to support and cheer for the Filipino athletes who will represent our country in the Olympics. Make us proud,” he added.

Pacquiao then said he will “bring pride and honor to my country inside the boxing ring in the near future.”

The Filipino boxing legend will face Thailand Muay Thai icon Buakaw Banchamek in an exhibition match on April.