Devin Haney after shocking loss: ‘I will be back’

Devin Haney spoke out on social media after absorbing a shocking loss against Ryan Garcia on Saturday night.

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Haney on shocking loss

Garcia dealt Haney his first career loss by flooring the reigning WBC super lightweight champion three times.

Haney controlled the match from the second to the fifth round, but Garcia’s left hook completely shifted the momentum against him.

The Southern California-native relied on his powerful left hook to secure a majority decision victory over Haney.

Haney’s face was swollen after the match, which left fans wondering if he sustained serious injuries.

The 25-year-old took to X to address all concerns surrounding his condition, while also expressing his desire for a rematch with Garcia.

“Fought lie a true champion. Got up off the canvas and kept fighting. I am 100% OK and would love to do it again while we both make weight,” said Haney.

Haney remains the WBC super lightweight belt after Garcia failed to make weight by over three pounds.

“I have no broken anything … Same way you dish, [you have to] be able to take it. I will be back.”

Meanwhile, Haney’s father, trainer, and manager Bill also said he is looking for a rematch.

“We turn losses into lessons and then turn them into blessings,” said Bill Haney. “I did always say that I believed Ryan Garcia was a good fighter. We were 3-3 with him [in the amateurs]. I think he’s an even better influencer because he fooled you guys into thinking he was crazy [with his pre-fight antics]. I knew that he wasn’t crazy. It was a good fight. But you know, we have to take it in stride. We definitely want a rematch.”

“We’re going to hold our head up high, chests out, chin up. That’s what it means to be a Haney.”